Brakes Information

F-SERIES Brake Options

Brakes are the biggest problems on stock Straight Axle Ford F-SERIES’s (F100). It’s well worth it to upgrade themaster cylinder to a dual system and disc brakes, at least in the front. I remember one adventure in braking with my 53 F-SERIES that just about destroyed years of work that I put into the truck. I had completely rebuilt the suspension and brakes on the truck. Everything was stock as I was on a budget to build the truck. Ford F-SERIES brakes, it seems, are just not consistent. While coming down a slight grade, a stop light changed to red and I had to get on the brakes quickly. The truck responded by pulling hard right which put the truck into a broad slide. Luck was completely on my side because there was plenty of space where I slid to and the state trooper that saw me, didn’t even come over. I think he knew that in that instant I had a heart attack and that was punishment enough. Point is, replace the old systems if you’re going to drive your F-SERIES much, unless you have to have original.

There are many options in brakes depending on the suspension that you have. If you have a stock straight axle, we have F100 front disc brake conversion kits to mount later model discs and calipers in place of the stock drums. We offer several wheel bolt patterns, so choose the bolt pattern that you need for your wheels. The kits include everything that you need to make the conversion except brake hoses and your tools.

Along with upgrading to disc brakes, you might as well add an under floor brake booster and a dual master cylinder kit. F100 Central carries a high quality piece that includes master cylinder, booster and proportioning valve. You can also use it with a clutch pedal should you want to keep yours. You will need to add the clutch pedal kit. You may also need to add check valves in line if the booster ends up below the master cylinder. These will prevent fluid from flowing back to the master cylinder.

Another option is a firewall mounted brake booster and master cylinder kit. These are easier to access than the under floor mount style.

What about rear disc brakes? Another big improvement to your braking system can be a rear disc brake kit. We offer rear disc brake kits for 9 inch Ford rear ends.