61-64 Power Steering Conversion Kit

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Power Steering Conversion Kit


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This kit consists of parts to convert your 61-64 Ford F100 pickup truck straight axle pickup to power steering. The kit comes with a power steering box, mounting brackets, hardware, and a custom pitman arm to fit. This kit will not work with manual transmissions or original V6 motors. The power steering box can be mounted near the original location of the current box, but the mounting holes need to be enlarged and offset to accommodate the new custom box or a new mounting plate needs to be made to accommodate the new custom box. This 61-64 Ford F100 power steering kit is a great way to add power steering to a straight axle 61-64 Ford F100 pickup.   It does include the coupler that you will need to attach your steering column to the box.

Steering kit pictured may not be the same as steering kit sent. Upgrades and changes may occur, but functionality of the box is the same and in most cases better.

Please call if you need a pump, pulley, and bracket as we can usually provide you with those as well.  In addition, most OEM style power assist pumps will not work with this kit, so please inquire if you have any questions.  Pump needs at least 1,200 pounds of output.



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