Steering Information

F-SERIES Steering Options

There are quite a few options for steering on the Straight Axle F-SERIES (F100). Stock steering is not actually all that bad with the giant wheel. Steering in confined spaces is tough, but on the open road, it’s not bad. If you want to upgrade to power steering, you have several options, but a lot of it depends on the type of front suspension you have.

Power Steering For Your Ford 53-56 F-SERIES

A pretty simple way to add power steering is by using a Power Steering Conversion Kit. The kit provides a great working power steering system and you keep your straight axle. The kit includes: custom built steering box, new pitman arm, mounting bracket, hardware, power steering hoses – No PS pump or engine brackets though. The Power Steering Conversion Kit is pretty much a bolt in. You have to drill a few holes, but that’s as hard as it gets. The kit allows you to install a power steering box in the same place as your stock steering box. Install the bracket, box and provided pitman arm on your truck. Hook up the drag link to the pitman arm. You can connect your stock steering column to the box by cutting the tube above your original steering box and fitting it with a bushing, collar and splined joint sold separately.

We carry a 53-64 Ford F100 power steering conversion kit in our catalog.

Power Steering For Grafted On Suspension

If you’ve cut or notched your frame and sub framed another vehicles front end on your F-SERIES (F100) then you can use the power steering components for that particular vehicle. Volare front end swaps are common. You will be using the steering column from the Chrysler vehicle you took the front end from. You may also contact one of the steering column vendors if you want a chrome or aluminum steering column.

F-SERIES (F100) Mustang II Power Steering Options

If you’ve put a Mustang cross member and power rack and pinion steering in your Ford F100, you might as well put in an aftermarket steering column from one of the manufacturers below. You simply need to link the shaft on your rack to the steering column with u-joints and steering rod.

F100 Central carries Ididit and CPP brand steering columns to swap into your Effie.