Wiring & Electric Information

Wiring & Electrical Systems

Often the most misunderstood part of any vehicle is the electrical system. The best advice is to read and be safe. Unhook the battery when you work on different systems in your truck. I rewired my truck with several different colored spools of wire, a soldering iron and some shrink tube, but you can buy a harness and just install it. That’s more expensive, but way less time consuming.

Break down each system in your truck so it doesn’t seem like such a big job. Wire the headlights, then the parking lights, heater and so on…makes it less daunting a task.

We offer a number of electrical parts such as headlights, parking lights, tail lights, dome lights, wiring kits, power windows and more – click here

One more thing: If you are running fuel injection, don’t forget to install a fuel shut-off switch in the case of a wreck/rollover. All fuel injected vehicles that I can think have had one.